Thibault Motion


Holistic coach - Wellness.

Sports and performance psychologist 


  • MSc 2 - Sport performance psychologist, University of Bourgundy, Dijon, FR.
  • MSc 1 - Sport Psychology, Sports Univeristy of Montpellier, FR.
  • BEXSc - physiology & psychology, Sports Univeristy of Montpellier, FR.
  • DU STAPS Montpellier - Posture, balance, mobility (PEM-ES method).
  • Yoga Teacher, International Yoga Alliance (200H RYT).
  • Personal trainer, Fysioline Academy of Finland, FI (YMCA-UK programme).


As former dancer, I trained at several schools. : Dance Conservatory of Avignon, Boston Ballet School, Hamburg Ballet School. I started my career dancing with the Hamburg Ballet and went on to work at the Finnish National Ballet. There, I danced most of the classical repertoire and started creating my very own pieces. I continued creating as a freelance choreographer and worked around Europe doing so. I worked for example with the Biennale di Venezia (Italy) and the Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company (Sweden).

In 2019, I felt the need to go back to studying in order to understand better what always fascinated me : the human body. I went on to study for 5 years at university to graduate as a sport psychologist. Movement accompanied me throughout this journey, and I reconnected to the spiritual part of myself, remind me that I was born to move and bring movement to the people.

Since 2024, I resumed my artistic career while continuing my job as a sport psychologist, working on educational and health coaching projects : yoga therapy, company interventions, personal coaching... I love movement.

Together we are stronger !

What is holistic coaching ? It is the consideration of everything making you you : your body, your mind, your professional & personal life, your family history... It is the stepping into change that requires a lot of courage, it is accepting to be vulnerable to become stronger.

You've already come this far : well-being awaits for you !

I have already coached all kind of people : CEOs, psychologists, physiotherapists, medical doctors... Why not let me assist you ?!

I used psychosomatic techniques incorporating movement, yoga and mindfulness into my practice to give you real tools !

A programme that suits you and your needs

Here are the tools I use:

Fresh from the scientific reviews and adapted to each person

Sport psychology

Sport psychology is a tool that emphasizes coaching rather than therapy. It is designed to work on specific components of our being, using either mental coaching or personal training (or both).

Yoga Therapy

Very close to sport psychology, yoga therapy aims to find a balance between all the components at work to live : the physical body, the mental body and the physiological body. 


Based on clinical psychology, my curriculum also allows me to work as a mental health professional. I learnt from sport psychology which is a sub-dimension of both social and neuropsychology.


My specialty ! It is a powerful tool as to how one can perceive things. It helps feeling better with oneself and with the people surrounding us. My programmes are inspired from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Inspired from CBT

Inspired from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), I help people rewire their thought patterns and thei behavior responses in different settings for different needs.


Most recent studies show how movement impacts physical and mental health and wellbeing. As a former athlete, there is not one coaching where we do not use movement.

Programmes :


From the comfort of your home or office, I will take you through several sessions to discover, evaluate and work on your needs. Wellbeing assured from the first session.

Time Based

My clients need from 3 to 12 sessions to meet their goals. We will decide what's best for you from the first session and adjust accordingly throughout your coaching

Designed for you

Each case is unique, and I will offer you tools that fit you and you only. Research is for me the most precious source, thus, what I will offer you will be based on scientific reviews.

You can also sign up for my 5 weeks well-being online programme by contacting me !

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