Thibault Monnier

En Francais plus bas.


2022: Bachelor of exercice science - physiology and psychology, STAPS University of Montpellier, FR.

2021: Yoga teacher, multi-style, Internal Yoga Alliance (200H RYS).

2020: International personal trainer diploma, Fysioline Academy of Finland, FI (YMCA-UK programme).

2019: Dance teacher in ballet and modern dance, (DE) state certification, FR.

2013: Dance and choregraphy, Hamburg Ballet School, DE.


Me name is Thibault [:tibo]. I come from south of France but I grew up here and there.

Hyperactive kid, I already had a hard time staying still and dealing with my feelings. My aprents enrolled me in gymnastics, which was my first experience of human expression: body and feelings at work together.

I continued with ballet and walked the usual path of young kids who dream of becoming dancing stars: enrolled in professional children school, graduated at the same time high-school, and left my birth country for better international school.

I landed at the Hamburg Ballet School and after 2 years went on to work with the Finnish National Ballet for 5 years. I then flew as a solo artist for a while, before it felt needed to land under the sun and rest for a little bit.

I first got in touch with yoga in 2013, which is when I started meditating. It is only later in 2017 that I attended my first yoga class, following the work of a choregrapher I had just worked with.

Dance is a beautiful world, very unique, inhabitated by its mystic creators and hard workers. But it didn't suit me for my upbringing had not prepared me for the hardships of living this dream. Sooner or later, my body broke, and with it my mind...

In fact, none of our education systems prepare any of us for any of "what's to come", often living us without guidance as adults, lost, with a deep sense of loneliness.

In 2018, I was hit by depression following a very traumatic professional experience, and it's when I started my own awakening, leaving dance aside as a performer, to dedicated myself to create, inspire and help.

I  knew I was here to help, and I knew there were people to be helped, I was one of them.

At first I thought it would be through personal training, coming as a complementary perspective as a choreographer to help people get in touch with their bodies. I graduated from the Fysioline Academy of Finland as a PT and welness coach in january 2020. Already then I was following therapy for myself, and continued a while longer.

The pandemic started, and I realised that "body" was not the only component of our happiness. At the same time, I stopped therapy for I had to re-live my past over and over or analyse my behaviors without really getting the tools to change them. Psychologiasts are great at telling you what is wrong, but they won't tell you what you need to hear, and they won't offer you possibilities as to how to act accordingly. That said, praise on therapy, for it helped me until it could not anymore.

So I turned to life coaching, and with the help of my friends, I became the one telling myself what was wrong, offering myself the possibilities as to how to act to rise above the heavy clouds I was surrounded by.

September 2020, I enrolled in a bachelor of exercice science, to learn more about health, human physiology and psychology. Still, it left me with a deep feeling of hunger, a void, that wasn't filled by any knowledge.

Summer 2021, I attended my first yoga teacher training at Green Yoga International, which changed my life. Finally, information and experience came together to form knowledge, and though I had been coaching people for a while, I decided to stick with yoga and life coaching only !