Thibault Monnier


2022: MSc 1 Psychological coaching, STAPS University of Montpellier, FR.

MBSR meditation training Beatrix Toto, Montpellier.

2022: BEXSc - physiology and psychology, STAPS University of Montpellier, FR.

2021: Yoga teacher, Vinyasa / Hatha / Ashtanga, International Yoga Alliance (200H RYT).

2020: International personal trainer diploma, Fysioline Academy of Finland, FI (YMCA-UK programme).

2019: Dance teacher in ballet and modern dance, (DE) state certification, FR.


My name is Thibault [:tibo]. I come from south of France but I grew up here and there.

Hyperactive kid, I already had a hard time staying still and dealing with my feelings. My parents enrolled me in gymnastics, which was my first experience of human expression: body and feelings at work together.

I continued with ballet, enrolled in a professional children school, studying at the same time in high-school, and I then left my birth country for a better international school.

I landed at the Hamburg Ballet School, and after 2 years I joined the Finnish National Ballet for 5 years. I then flew as a solo artist for a while, before it felt needed to land under the sun and rest for a little bit.

I first got in touch with yoga in 2013, which is when I started meditating. I used it to release the stress I had to deal with as a high performance athlete / artist.  It is only later in 2017 that I attended my first yoga class, following the work of a choregrapher I had just worked with.

My career took a turn in 2019. I was looking into expanding my skills as an artist and was seeking to get closer to my audiences. At first I thought it would be through personal training, coming as a complementary perspective as a choreographer to help people get in touch with their bodies. I graduated from the Fysioline Academy of Finland as a PT and welness coach in january 2020. 

The pandemic started, and I realised that "the physical" was not the only component of our happiness. So I decided to deepen my knowledge and go back to university to learn more about this beautiful tools that are for us to explore throughout this life: body, mind and emotions.

September 2020, I enrolled in a bachelor of exercice science majoring in health, human physiology and psychology. Still, it left me with a deep feeling of hunger, a void, that wasn't filled by any knowledge.

Summer 2021, I attended my first yoga teacher training at Green Yoga International, which changed my life. Finally, information and experience came together to form knowledge, and though I had been coaching people for a while, I decided to stick with yoga and life coaching only !

Because learning is a life long process, I continue to do so and I now study human behaviors and sports psychology, to implement it in my practice as a physical and mental coach.

Though dance as an art form will always be a part of me, I now focus on bringing movement into people's life.

Get in touch with me to learn more, and eventually, discover who you truly are.