Thibault Monnier

PRO : 

Dance artist (2011 - now) : Hamburg Ballet, Finnish National Ballet, Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company, Biennale di Danza di Venezia, Compagnie chorégraphique François Mauduit, Thibault Monnier & Minna tervamäki...

Mental and physical educator (2021 - now).


2023: PostGrad : Meditation and Health, Medical Faculty Montpellier, FR.

2022: MSc Sport Psychology, Sport Sciences of Montpellier University, FR.

MBSR meditation training Beatrix Toto, Montpellier.

2022: BEXSc - physiology and psychology, Sport Sciences of Montpellier University, FR.

2022: PostGrad : Posture, Balance, Mobility, Sport Sciences of Montpellier University, FR.

2021: Yoga teacher, Vinyasa / Hatha / Ashtanga, International Yoga Alliance (200H RYT).

2020: International personal trainer diploma, Fysioline Academy of Finland, FI (YMCA-UK programme).

2019: Ballet and modern dance teacher, (DE) state certification, FR.

Hello there,

My name is Thibault [:teebo]. I come from south of France.

Hyperactive kid, I already had a hard time staying still and dealing with my feelings. My parents enrolled me in gymnastics, which was my first experience of human expression : body and emotions at work together.

I continued with ballet and enrolled in a professional children school (dance conservatory, Avignon), before being scouted by the Hamburg Ballet School, where I stayed 2 years to later join the Finnish National Ballet for 5 years. There, I had the pleasure to work for several international contemporary choreographers (Godani, Duato, Horecna, Elo...), and practice my ballet skills challenged by the ballet repertoire.

During those years, I was lucky to create several choreographies. Playing with movement was a part of me since high-school, and it followed me ever since.

Leaving the Finnish National Ballet, I became a solo dance artist and my career took a turn as I got the opportunity to choreograph a full piece for the school of the Finnish National Ballet. For 2 years I traveled Europe (BIennale di Danza di Venezia, Virpi Pahklinen Dance Company Stockholm...), to dance, teach and assist.

Being a freelancer required me to teach to expand not only my work but also my knowledge of the physical body and everything that lies beneath, which means the coaching dimension was very much present, and it felt necessary to educate myself with personal training. It came as a complementary perspective for the choreographer in me to help people get in touch with their bodies. I graduated from the Fysioline Academy of Finland as a Personal Trainer and welness coach in january 2020. 

The pandemic started, and I realised that "the physical" was certainly not the principal component of our happiness. So I decided to deepen my knowledge and I enrolled in university to learn more about this beautiful tools that are for us to explore throughout this life : body, mind and emotions.

September 2020, I was accepted into the bachelor of exercice science programme at Montpellier's University, majoring in health, human physiology and psychology. Still, it left me with a deep feeling of hunger, a void, that wasn't filled by any knowledge.

I had been practicing yoga and meditation since 2013, but I decided to deepen my experience in summer 2021, by attending a yoga teacher training at Green Yoga International, which changed my life. Finally, information and experience came together to form knowledge, and though I had been coaching people for a while, it finally felt like I was "coming home". Mindfulness came along, and I realised that I had all tools that are the fundamentals of life : help people move, create and reboot.

Because learning is a life long process, I continue to do so and I now study human behaviors and sports psychology, to implement it in my practice as a physical and mental coach.

I continue my artistic career for I am a restless soul and restore my energy with dance.

Get in touch with me to learn more, and eventually, discover who you truly are.