Fit- move- Coach

Get fit, stay fit, move fit.

As a health professional and athlete I have graduated from the Hamburg Ballet School and am currently still studying with the Fysioline Academy of Finland (YMCA awards international Personal Trainer diploma).

My training is based on crossfit, inspired by my movement background including kinesthetics, calisthenics and proprioception concepts, but also weight lifting and cardio workouts knowledge.

As a dance teacher I have been certified by the Ministery of Culture and Sports of France to teach both ballet and modern dance classes. I aim to provide one on one and group teaching sessions for adults interested in learning about their bodies and becoming healthier and fitter.


Both my PT (gym environment) and my movement teaching skills allow me to provide the best workouts based on gym exercices, calisthenics and movement targetting all kind of fitness areas. Whether you want to become stronger, get bigger, improve your endurance, your coordination... My background allows me to create specialised programs which can suit YOUR special needs and help you achieve YOUR goals.

The first step is always the hardest, and whether you are a beginner or a more experienced athlete what matters to me is your approach to doing sports! Let me show you that training is beyond FUN and that it is what you were always meant to do.

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I speak fluently english and french, as well as understanding a few other southern languages (spanish and italian) and I am currently perfecting my Finnish skills. So no language barrier, I will teach you about your body and will find the words needed.

Join me, join the fit family, enter the movement world and become the real, better version of yourself!



Address: Helsinki, Finland, and around the world


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