Fit- move- Coach

Join the movement and become a fit mover !

Get fit, stay fit, move fit.

Several programmes for your need!

Join me, join the fit family, enter the movement world and become the real, better version of yourself!

Personal: each programme will be different based on my clients' needs and goals.

Trainer: I am not only here to shape better bodies, I am also an anchor on which my clients can grow, adapting to all kind of situations and needs.

Certified from: 

- Hamburg Ballet School,

- Fysioline Academy of Finland - YMCA Awards UK.

- Recognition of professional experience by the French Culture Ministry (dance teacher in ballet and contemporarty dance).

Qualified to work with:

- Beginners - get in touch with fitness.

- Athletes - strength, mobility and endurance.

- Available: corrective training and injury prevention.

- Weight loss programmes.

- Aesthetics - body shaping (toning, hypertrophy).

- Mindfulness - reconnect your body and your mind, work based on motor skills and body awareness through contrology.

- Online coaching - pre-fill this questionnaire: CLICK HERE

Get big, get flexible, get through the race.

All 3 of those are possible.

Stop looking like the previous generation of body builders!

Start looking like a hybrid powerful being!

Get more fit and more healthy by improving all sides of fitness!

As a personal trainer I will find a training platform for you to exercise, whether it is at home or at the gym.

- A fit mover programmes -

Discover a selection of classes custom made from my experience as a physical and health coach and my past as a dancer.

101 or in groups, book those classes by email or by filling up the form below.

Here are a few samples:

A fit body burner -

30 min of training including toning and endurance. Through rhythm based body weight exercices, have fun by completing a series of exercices incorporating all major muscle groups and working on your cardio at the same time.

A fit dancer body -

45 min of training to get in shape and look like the 'athletes of god' (A.Einstein). This workout includes muscular endurance, core control, mobility and contrology. Finally get those beautiful lines and posture you always dreamed of and become more flexible at the same time.

A fit mover's strength -

45 min of training including strength and hypertrophy training. Not only dancers have great cardio, but they also have great control and have built-in muscles that can be explosive and strong. No need to bulk up anymore, be strong and lean, sign up!

A fit control freak -

35 min of pure core and mobility control. Learn how to recruit your core while remaining flexible. It's useless to know how to do the split if you can't close your kitchen cupboards with your feet. Learn how to do that with me and get a summer body on top!

A fit recovery -

6o min of teaching your body the proper techniques to realign it and let go of old injury that still drag you through sleepless nights and agonising pain.

And much more...

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