Echoes of another world

Photocredit: Mikko Rasila.

Echoes of another world

Thibault Monnier and Virpi Pahkinen

1st & 8th of February 2020, Teatteritalo Universum, Helsinki (FI).

'Fragments of memories. A scream falling in the void like time stretched through space. Sounds rippling from a dimension to another. Actions pulled by strings and modelled like clay.

One soul, several angels/demons. Demigods designing a basis for creation. One mind digging through the pains and pleasures of its past, foreseeing its future, destroying, creating. Long before we arrived, or long after we perished. Love, death, beauty, bliss.

A child wandering around, rocking on the swings of hope, playing with the thread of life.'

Inspired by the changing times through historical changes: a cognitive and physical revolution. Where do we stand as an animal breed, as a so called ‘evolved' machine? Challenged by economical, ecological and environmental issues, we are constantly reminded of our purpose as one specie, yet we keep on rediscovering ourselves. What did we learn from our past, what are we giving to our next generations? Creating beauty with despair. Giving birth to light, even in the darkest place.

Thibault Monnier and Virpi Pahkinen come together to create a unique evening, presented as frames of dance works created and adapted for this event. Their message stands in simplicity and honesty, digging in the amazement and inspiration of raw movement and simple designs. Yet, their singular choreographic vocabularies unit in pushing the boundaries of the physical body and the untouchable mind. On the bridge between Asian culture and European traditions, the 2 dance styles meet halfway for a celebration of movement that has no label and no genre: the past, present and future of dance all at once.

The choreographies created separately yet braided to form one, deal with different themes such as graphic design and exploring the limits of the human body and mind. Committed to research our abilities into going towards extremes, the dancers twist and bend, scream and meditate, connect and seclude.

The evening presents 4 singular artists, each standing out in their own field for their talent, creativity and passion. Embodying spatial design and geometric patterns fluctuating with the rhythm of the performance and its several stories.


Starting from 23€


- 1st of february 2020 at 19h.

- 8th of february at 14h and 18h.

Choreographers: Thibault Monnier -/ Virpi Pahkinen.

Dancers: Thibault Monnier, Virpi Pahkinen, Minna Tervamäki, Pontus Sundset, Alice Pastel.

Music: Roger Ludvigsen, Jonas Sjöblom, Hildegard Von Bingen; singer Tua Dominique. Thibault Monnier.

Costumes: Helene Thorsell, Zita Merényi, Virpi Pahkinen. Thibault Monnier.

Lights and technical manager : Sisu Nojonen.


Very loud music and screaming, flashing lights, partial nudity.

The performance is funded, supported and made possible by:

The foundation of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet.

Aleksanteri Teatteri.

The school of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet.

Photocredit: Carl Thorborg.


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