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Join me, join the fit family, enter the movement world and become the real, better version of yourself!

Thibault Monnier, internationally certified as a Personal Trainer.

A certified personal trainer is a professional who has studied to:

- Take care of your fitness health and create individual sports related goals that will benefit you in becoming healthier and in better shape.

- Give advices for a better nutrition given a specific fitness programme, adaptable to different lifestyles and diets.

- Encourage and support your mental well-being.

Certified from: 

- Hamburg Ballet School,

- Fysioline Academy of Finland - YMCA Awards UK.

- Recognition of professional experience by the French Culture Ministry (dance teacher in ballet and contemporarty dance).

Qualified to work with:

- Beginners - get in touch with fitness.

- Athletes - for all kind of sports.

- Available: corrective training and injury prevention.

- Weight loss programmes.

- Aesthetics - body shaping (toning, hypertrophy).

- Mindfulness - reconnect your body and your mind, work based on motor skills and body awareness through contrology.

- Movement therapy - hit your goals by improving your muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and coordination.

- Online coaching - pre-fill this questionnaire: CLICK HERE

Get big, get flexible, get through the race.

All 3 of those are possible.

Stop looking like the previous generation of body builders!

Start looking like a hybrid powerful being!

Workout out everywhere .

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