Join the movement and become a fit mover !

'I have been moving hard since I was able to walk, first with gymnastics, then with dance. Fitness was here from the beginning, but mindfulness came along the way. Choreographing and working in the art industry allowed me to open up to different kind of cultures, different grounds, different landscapes.

My aim is to allow people to reconnect with their fitness capacity with the need our bodies have to be coordination controlled machines. This is only possible through movement, and it lies at the heart of dancing, but also meditating.

We only become better athletes by learning properly how to recruite each cells of our bodies, bodybuilding and athletics are just variations of teaching our bodies to move.'

- A fit mover.


- Dance and choreography studies, Hamburg Ballet School John Neumeier, Germany.

- Certified gym instructor Fysioline Academy of Finland.

     - YMCA Personal Trainer level 2.

- Movement teacher (ballet and modern), France Ministry of Culture licentiate.

Artistic companies and Foundations.

Les grands ballets de France (France).

Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier (Germany).

The Finnish National Ballet (Finland).

Biennale di danza di Venezia (Italy).

Virpi Pahkinen Dance Company (Sweden).

Compagnie Francois Mauduit (France).

Ballet Finland (Finland).

Thibault Monnier & co (Finland).


The Escalation, 2017 Photo by Minna Hatinen
Concerto, 2015 Photo Sakari Viika
Monologue d'un Ange 2013
'Can you pass me the salt?' Photo by Mikael Rantalainen
Sur le fil, 2014 Photo Sakari Viika
'Mystic Force' 2016 Photo Jussi Iltanen
In the dark, 2017 Photo by Wilfried Jacobs



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